Saturday, January 9



Havent been blogging for a while now. I think my last post was harsh. Ikut perasaan kan biasalah so im sorry i had to delete it. Nak update tapi i ran out of words lol. So i hope u guys had a great start for 2016. Well, i didnt. Recently i just read my friend's blog and her exact words are '' Am i depressed? No. Just tired of people. No, i'm just tired because of a person. One damn person who screw my life'' HAHA pretty much accurate. 

2015 was a tough year & i was hoping that this year kurang la sikit tough tu but awal awal dah cam apa. I WAS *THIS* CLOSE to give up life tapi hey baru 2 3 hari dah nak give up kan so cancel la hasrat nak give up tu. Huhu so here i am a 19 year old teenage girl yang nak create a not-so-short story.......

Wi was celebrating her 18th birthday and out of the blue she got a text from a friend that kind of broke her. Tapi Wi ni, layan jelah sebab kawan kan. True at first memang la sedih tapi nak buat macam mana benda dah lepas. Since that incident, Wi decided taknak contact langsung dgn dia tapi harini tetiba pulak dapat text dari dia. Yang si dia ni, Kal. Depa dah kenal lama, and u know kan what happens bila perempuan and laki kawan lelama? They start develop feelings for each other. Nak dipendekkan cerita, dorang ni kawan je tapi sebab dah kenal lama Wi suka la dengan Kal. Kal pun suka Wi. Sayang katanya. 4tahun kawan ko. Tapi that one time, Wi dapat text macam kena soal bebanyak.....

@ : Ni Wi ke?

Wi : aah ni siapa

@ : What's your relationship with Kal? Ni tunang dia.

Wi : Lol Kal said me and him are friends kan so haha sorry then 

Aaaaa sudah 4 tahun kawan, dah develop feelings KATA SAYANG tapi dah bertunang? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH ''Bodohnya aku percaya Kal. Kata sayang tapi dah ada tunang? HAHAHAHAHAHA'' said Wi. So she left him with a text kata..

'' I thought we were friends. I trusted you. I trust every bit of you. Why would you said u ''love'' me but at the same time u are engaged?! Do you think i'm that easy? Thanks lah bagi fake hope. Bye, not going to disturb you again.''

So since she got her heart broke by the one she trusted the most, dia sikit pun tak contact dgn Kal. Even she missed him sometimes. Anyway back to the story where Wi was celebrating her 18th birthday, Kal text and wished her Happy birthday and hoping that Wi would reply.

''Happy birthday Wi! Dah besar dah dia *emoji heart-eyes*"

"Haha thanks"

"Tengah celebrate birthday ke?"

"Yeah sorry busy bye"

"Hmm okay takecare. I'll wait. I love you Wi."

She left with a read je. ''Dah bertunang pun ada hati kata sayang" she thought to herself. A week passed by and Kal kept texting Wi. Sebab rasa bersalah, Wi balas text dia. 

"Why do u kept texting me when u have ur fiancè?"

"Dia mintak putus dah. But i still love you Wi" 

"Stop it Kal. I dont trust you anymore, you broke me and expect me to be okay with that?" 

" I'm sorry. I was foolish back then. Give me a second chance" 

& Wi was in tears sebab deeeeeeeeeep inside her, she still have feelings for Kal but the fact that Kal buat macam tu dekat Wi. Haih aku yang type ni pun tak faham la dengan Wi HAHAHAHAH. Nak dipendakkan cerita ni lagi, Wi gave Kal a second chance. And Kal was better than before & they were in a relationship for about 7months. Wi happy gileeeeeeeeeeeeeee sebab ingat Kal dah berubah. 

The next day, they went out to have lunch together & sat a table for two and after they finished their dish, Kal pergi toilet. He left his phone and his wallet on the table. Wi ni bukan jenis tengok privacy orang. Tapi that time, dia bukak. WOW SHE MADE A MISTAKE. TEARS ROLLING DOWN & HER HANDS STARTED TO SHAKE. WHAT DID SHE FOUND???????


She quickly letak wallet dia balik hoping that he wouldnt notice. That moment Wi noticed Kal keluar dari toilet, Wi terus bayar and walk as fast as she could. ''OK OK OK OK OK OK OK WI OK OK OK WI DONT CRY OK OK WI OK OK'' as dia pujuk diri sendiri. Kal reached her and freaking tanya kenapa nangis.

"Kenapa nangis?"


"After i send u home, im going to meet up with my old friends. You okay with that? *sambil text kawan dia* 

As soon Kal tengah text his friends, Wi saw something that she shouldnt tengok. You know what it is? 


Dengan itu, bercucuran lah air mata Wi macam air paip rosak. I mean how could Kal do this to a person that actually loves him for who he is? WI ACTUALLY GAVE YOU A SECOND CHANCE BUT YOU RUINED IT cb. Sampai je rumah Wi, Wi senyap je. Layan je heartbreak tu. And she finally spoke..

''u know y i cried?"


"i saw a picture of your beloved fiancè in your wallet. And that's not it! You put your freaking beloved fiancè as your background picture! *air mata bercucuran cam air paip* HOW COULD YOU KAL? I TRUSTED YOU! I SAYANG YOU PIECE OF SHT TAK NAMPAK DASAR PENIPU! ALL OF THIS WAS JUST A LIE KAN? TWICE KAL. IS IT SO HARD TO BE HONEST THAT YOU STILL LOVE HER? I COULD FORGIVE YOU FOR THAT BUT THIS TIME IS TOO MUCH"

"u want me to be honest? yeah i still love her but at the same time im in love with you"

Wi terus keluar dari kereta and slammed the door. She cried and cried and cried. '' Taksangka ada orang sanggup buat macam tu. Bodohnya kau Wi'' she wondered & kept blaming herself for this. If she didnt give Kal a second chance, this whole thing will not happened. After Wi found out the whole thing, Kal ignored Wi. WOW malang gila nasib Wi. She was a sad sad sad sad human being. But life must go on, so she held her head up high and left a low-life person name Kal. 

Dengan itu, berakhir lah not-so-short story saya. Aku rasa ada grammatical errors lol sorry sis cuba. Takada kena mengena dengan yang mati. Hanya yang hidup. Nama watak adalah rekaan semata mata. Thank you for reading x